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The New Testament for Kids

   THE CENTRAL THEME of the New Testament is underlining Jesus as Messiah, and the beginnings of the Church.

   NOTE: A print version of each story is available by clicking on the near the top-right of each story page.

   Jesus Is Born At Bethlehem
   The Wise Men Bring Gifts To The Young Child
   The Boy Jesus Asks Questions
   John The Baptist Tells Of Jesus' Work
   Jesus Decides How He Will Do His Work
   Jesus Wins Devoted Friends
   The Wedding At Cana
   The Healing Of The Ten Lepers
   Healing The Man At The Pool
   Jesus Talks With A Samaritan Woman
   Giving Life To A Widow's Son
   Jesus Heals The Sick
   Jesus Cures A Man Who Cannot Walk
   Jesus Makes Even Wrong-doers His Friends
   Jesus Finds Joy In All His Work
   Jesus Calms The Storm
   Jesus Heals A Little Girl
   Jesus Visits His Old Home
   Jesus Calls Together His Friends And Helpers
   What Jesus Asks Of His Friends And Helpers
   The Way To Learn From Jesus
   The Rewards For Following Jesus' Teachings
   God's Love Even For Sinners
   God's Readiness To Answer Prayer
   How To Pray
   Why We Should Trust God
   The Kingdom Of God
   The Two Great Commandments
   The Rewards Of Modesty And Unselfishness
   How To Use Money
   Different Ways Of Using Talents
   The Good Samaritan
   The Way To Treat Those Who Wrong Us
   The Golden Rule
   The People Who Are Really Happy
   Jesus Sends Out The First Missionaries
   Jesus Praises John The Baptist
   Jesus Feeds The Hungry
   Jesus Tells What It Means To Be Clean
   Jesus Is Kind To A Stranger
   Jesus Makes An Heroic Choice
   Jesus Is Glorified
   Jesus Tells How One May Become Great
   Jesus Makes The Wicked Zaccheus His Friend
   Jesus Is Gladly Welcomed By The People
   Jesus Fights Wrong In The Temple
   Jesus Condemns Those Who Pretend To Be Good
   Jesus Warns His Disciples
   Jesus Cures A Blind Man
   Jesus Tells What He Came To Do
   Jesus Brings Lazarus Back To Life
   Jesus Praises A Woman Who Gave Her Best
   Jesus Eats The Last Supper With His Disciples
   Jesus Encourages His Friends And Helpers
   Jesus Is Seized By The Mob
   Jesus In The Hands Of His Enemies
   Jesus Is Crucified By His Enemies
   Jesus Conquers Death
   Jesus Walks And Talks With Two Of His Disciples
   Jesus Gives His Last Commands To His Helpers
   The Healing Of The Lame Man At The Beautiful Gate
   The Generosity Of The Early Christians
   Stephen The First Christian Martyr
   Philip And The Ethiopian
   Peter And The Roman Officer
   Peter's Escape From Prison
   Paul's Account Of What He Saw And Heard On His Way To Damascus
   The Christian Church At Antioch
   Paul And Barnabas In Foreign Lands
   Why Paul Went To Macedonia
   Paul And Silas In Macedonia
   Paul's Great Speech At Athens
   Paul Writes To His Friends At Thessalonica
   Paul's Work At Corinth
   Paul Writes To His Friends In Corinth
   The New Life After Death
   Ways Of Showing Love
   Paul's Trials And Victories At Ephesus
   Paul Writes To The Christians At Rome
   Paul's Last Journey To Jerusalem
   Paul's Narrow Escape From Death
   A Prisoner Who Preached To His Judges
   Paul's Shipwreck
   The End Of Paul's Long Journey
   Paul's Last Words To His Friends
   The Meaning Of Faith
   The Importance Of Doing What Is Right
   The Love That Makes Men Brothers
   The Glory And Honor That Jesus Has Won
   The Reward Of The Faithful
   The New Heaven And Earth

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