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Children in the Bible

"Samuel as a child."
   THROUGHOUT THE BIBLE, God often used children to fullfil his Divine plan. From David, a lowly shepherd boy, to an un-named Jewish maid, children play a big part in God's purpose.

   We hope that these stories will help inspire today's youth in showing them that God has a plan for their life.

   NOTE: A print version of each story is available by clicking on the near the top-right of each story page.

    - David The Shepherd Boy
    - David Battles Goliath
    - Joseph The Dreamer
    - The Story Of Benjamin
    - The Child Moses
    - Ruth The Gleaner
    - The Child Samuel
    - King David's Little Boy
    - Elijah and the Widow's Son
    - The Shunammite Boy
    - A Little Jewish Maid
    - The Two Boy Kings
    - Four Captive Children
    - The Boy Of Nazareth
    - Jesus A Young Carpenter
    - Jesus Cures A Maid

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