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Psalms and Proverbs for Kids

   SOME OF THE most beautiful praises spoken to our God and the greatest collection of wisdom ever known are in the Old Testament Psalms and Proverbs. A unique place for Peace, perspective, promise, wisdom and comfort.

   NOTE: A print version of each story is available by clicking on the near the top-right of each story page.

   The King Of Glory
   God The Loving Creator
   God The Loving Father
   God From Whom All Good Things Come
   God's Goodness And Mercy
   God The All-seeing
   God Who Always Watches Over His People
   God Who Protects From All Danger
   God's Protection Of Those Who Trust In Him
   God's Loving Care
   Trusting In God's Care
   A Prayer Of Trust
   Safety In God's Care
   God Our Refuge
   The Joy Of Worshipping God
   What God Asks Of Those Who Worship Him
   A Call To Praise God
   The United Song Of Praise
   Man's Place In God's World
   The Reward Of Doing Right
   A Prayer For Forgiveness
   The Rewards Of Listening To The Advice Of The Wise
   What God Likes And Dislikes
   God's Care For Those Who Try To Do Right
   The Way To Be Well And Happy
   The Importance Of Being Willing To Learn
   How To Honor Your Parents
   The Troubles Of Those Who Are Lazy
   Things That Are Better Than Riches
   Right Eating And Drinking
   The Right Use Of The Tongue
   The Control Of The Temper
   What It Means To Be Modest
   Being Generous And Loving

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