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The Importance Of Being Willing To Learn

      The lips of the wise speak knowledge,
      But the fool does not understand.
      A fool's way seems right in his sight,
      But a wise man listens to advice.
      A fool despises his father's correction,
      But he who regards reproof acts wisely.
      Listen to advice and receive instruction,
      That you may be wise in your later life.
      Advice in a man's mind is like deep water,
      But a man of sense will draw it out.
      Hold fast instruction, let it not go;
      Keep it, for it is your life.
      My son, reject not the discipline of the Lord,
      And do not spurn his reproof,
      For whom he loves he reproves,
      Even as a father the son of whom he is fond.
      He who rejects correction despises his own self,
      But he who listens to reproof gains understanding.

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