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A Prayer Of Trust

      To thee, O God, I lift up my soul,
      All the day long do I wait for thee.
      I trust in thee, O God, let me not be ashamed;
      Let not my enemies exult over me,
      And let none who hope in thee be ashamed;
      But let wicked traitors be disgraced.
      Show me thy ways, O Lord,
      Teach me thy way to live.
      Lead me in thy truth and teach me,
      For thou art the God who saves me,
      And in thee do I hope continually.
      Remember thy tender mercies, O Lord,
      And thy loving deeds, for they are eternal.
      Do not recall the sins of my youth,
      But in thy love remember thou me,
      Because of thy goodness, O Lord.
      Good and upright is the Lord,
      So he teaches sinners the way,
      He guides the humble aright,
      And teaches the meek his way,
      All his rules are loving and true,
      To those who follow his law and commands.
      For thy name's sake, O Lord,
      Pardon my guilt, for it is great.
      Who is the man that reveres the Lord?
      He will teach him the way to choose.
      That man shall continue to prosper,
      And his children inherit the land.
      He is friendly with those who revere him,
      And with his covenant he makes them acquainted.
      My eyes are ever turned toward the Lord,
      For he saves my feet from the net.
      Turn to me and be gracious,
      For I am alone and afflicted;
      Relieve the troubles of my heart,
      And deliver me from my distresses;
      Look on my affliction and suffering,
      And pardon all my sins.
      Consider my enemies, for they are many,
      And they hate me with violent hatred;
      Oh save my life and deliver me,
      Let me not be ashamed, for I trust thee.
      Let innocence and uprightness preserve me,
      For I wait for thee, O Lord.

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